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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Teachers...Do You Really Enjoy Your Job As A Teacher?

How is it to be a teacher? Is it an easy profession? What is your purpose in choosing teaching as your profession? Teaching course in the Philippines is 4 years, not including masters. After receiving diploma, to be eligible to teach, the newly graduate has to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) and should pass it. I'm sure all countries are the

Mineral Nutrition in Plants

To learn about the mineral nutrition in plants is very essential. Students in medicine, nutrition, pharmacy, homeopathy and other related courses need to study plants' physiology. Not only to students that the knowledge about plants is important but researchers as well. 

If you are a nutritionist, your knowledge about plant minerals and its nutrition should be

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

You Want to Be Your Child's Best Friend? Part lll

Year 13 - This topic is what I like most. It is in this stage that I can say...the most difficult part because dealing with an adolescent child is full of headache and heartache for a mother. It is in this stage that you experience mixed emotions on how to deal with your child. I wonder if my father felt the same before when I was this age. Just want to be honest :)

You Want To be Your Child's Best Friend? Part ll

Year 6 - This is another chapter of a child and parent relationship that it is with the mother where the weight of the responsibility is mostly placed upon, especially if the child is a girl...like myself :) After you teach the do's and don'ts to your child at your child's early age, she can obey you, but as she grow, her curiosity of knowing more of the things around her

Monday, August 29, 2016

You Want To Be Your Child's Best Friend?

Here are my tips. 

Year 1 - At four months  your baby starts to respond with movements, smiles, and her eyes starts to follow objects when moved in front of her, sometimes thru excitement, her mouth drooling with saliva:) At seven months more or less, she can sit up fairly well but with some support. She rolls from his back to his stomach and moves around. She now starts to

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Calcium As A Mineral

Minerals are essential for balance diet to achieve good health, but how do you know if you are really taking the right minerals to balance your diet? As a supplement seller for a number of years, though I know that minerals is essential for the body, I always

The Importance of Vitamins

Vitamins are food substances that are essential for growth, health and life itself. You only need them in tiny quantities but it is essential to have in your daily foods. However, excess of intake of vitamins which more than the body needs is not good. but rather it may actually produce illness. A poor diet is not a solution by

Know Your Stomach, Intestines and Colon System

Small intestine is measured 22 feet long and the large intestine is four and a half feet long. The esophagus (tube) connects the throat to the stomach while duodenum is the place where the stomach ends and the small intestine begins. These are the main tubes from the pancreas, the liver and the gallbladder where it discharge juices